Gold Medal – Annamacharya Keerthanai conducted by Thirumala Thirupathi Devasthanam.
First Prize – Bhadrachala Ramadas Keerthanai conducted by Sangeetha Vidvath Sabhai, Chennai.
Won Many Prizes in the competitions held by Sarada Mandali, Kala Sagaram, Secunderabad.
“Sangeetha Kalaratna” Award was given to him by Sri Skanda Guru Vidyasram, Thiruparakundram.
Bestowed as expert in rendering “Kavadisindhu” songs at Pongu Thamizh Pannisai Mandram,Delhi.
Receiving prize from Shrimathi Kishori amaonker   Receiving prize from Smt. Rangarajan Ex-Governor Andhra Pradesh   Receiving prize from Violinist Gopalakrishnan
Receiving Teacher's training certificate from Obel Reddy
With the student's in a music exhibition (Vivekanandha school 1999)
In a music exhibition held at Vivekanandha school with school's principal (2000)
In the Cultural bhajan programme in vivekanandha school (2000)   Receiving best music teacher from Mr. Kemka   With the prize winners in the music competition held at vivekanandha school (2003)
In the first sabha programme (1996)   During his visit to Malaysia for the demonstration on music   Singing in special light music programme
Leading Thirupavai music programme with the students   Honoured by Mr.T.K.Govindha Rao   In a honour function for his guru Mr. Chandrasekar
with his senior students after finishing a concert in Raj T.V   Delivering speech to his students   Honoured by Mr. S.Ramadoss for his best concert on Kavadisindhu
Siva with Dr. Mystic Selvam, on his book publishment day "Anmeega Payanam"   Music Programme by Siva on book publishing day   Pongu Tamil Sabha
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